TCM Praxis



I offer exclusively TCM in my practice. The costs for natural health professional services depend on the treatment and the time spent. If you have a private health insurance, the treatment fees are reimbursed by your private health insurance pro rata depending on the chosen tariff and concluded contract – The „natural health professional scale of charges“ (GebüH; basis from 1985) serves as a non-binding basis or orientation. Co-payments are possible and usually the rule. Moreover, not all private insurance companies cover the costs for Chinese herbs. Therefore, it is recommended to clarify reimbursement issues in advance.


Unfortunately, public health insurances in Germany do not reimburse treatment costs for natural health professional services. However, patients in public health care have the option of take out private supplementary insurance for alternative medical care. It is also good to know that some public health insurance companies do reimburse a certain amount per calendar year. Here, a clarification in advance regarding possible reimbursement may be worthwhile.


Appointments are available prior agreement. They are reserved especially for you. I understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary. Therefore, I respectfully request at least 24 hour notice for cancellations or rescheduling of appointments. If prior notification is not given, the appointment will be charged to you. Thank you for your understanding.