Chinamed Cosmetics TCM Treating Eczema And Neurodermitis

Treating Eczema and Neurodermatitis
With Chinese Herbal Medicine


Coming soon! The third book in my new TCM Dermatology Handbook series, the first TCM Dermatology Handbook series outside of China, will be published in Autumn 2024. As always with my books, this book will be provide a comprehensive and detailed guide to the treatment (this time) Eczema and Neurodermatitis (Atopic eczema) with Chinese herbal medicine. We are currently assuming that the book will be around 400 pages. More details will follow.
Planned: September 2024, published by Singing Dragon (London, UK).
Paperback / softback book…
Copyright © 2023 by Sabine Schmitz
Buch Akne und Rosacea

Treating Acne and Rosacea
With Chinese Herbal Medicine


This practical, fully illustrated handbook is the second in our handbook series on dermatological diseases and their treatment with Chinese herbal medicine – the first handbook series dedicated specifically to TCM Dermatology. This volume examines the cause and treatment of acne and rosacea from a Chinese medicine perspective and provides advice for practitioners on their treatments in their daily practice. It covers prescriptions and treatment options for all types of acne, rosacea and TCM syndromes, detailed case studies and colour photographs of the skin and tongue for precise diagnosis. The book also contains instructions on external applications such as pastes, washes or ointments, as well as detailed diet instructions and advice. Easy to read, use and navigate, this book is the perfect resource for anyone treating acne and rosacea in their daily practice, regardless of their specialization.
January 2022, published by Singing Dragon (London, UK).
Paperback / softback book, 224 pages, ISBN: 978-1787752276
Copyright © 2021 by Sabine Schmitz



This book is the first of a brand new TCM dermatology handbook series that I am working on with my publisher Singing Dragon, with practical books about the most common skin diseases. It is the first “Western” Chinese medicine handbook series dedicated specifically to TCM Dermatology. All books take a modern, practical approach to treatment, looking at the root cause of the condition from a Chinese medicine viewpoint, examining the most common Chinese medicine syndromes and formulas that have been proven to be most effective, and discussing the role of diet, environment and emotional health. I am creating the ultimate resources for practitioners to use in clinical practice – easy to read, use and navigate in day-to-day practice, and based on my experience of over a decade in treating skin conditions with Chinese medicine.


New, revised and updated edition: published by Singing Dragon (London, UK) on the 21st of July 2020.
Paperback / softback book. ISBN: 9781787753495
Copyright © 2020 by Sabine Schmitz


Treating Psoriasis with Chinese Herbal Medicine:
A Practical Handbook (1st Edition)


The first book in English solely focused on the treatment of psoriasis with Chinese herbal medicine. A hands-on guide, using illustrations, case histories, more than 120 excellent colour photographs showing the diverse types and presentations of psoriasis, as well as a helpful tongue atlas, that can help TCM practitioners make precise diagnoses and immediately start treating patients suffering from psoriasis. In the book, I discuss both internal and external applications of Chinese herbal medicine. Designed for TCM dermatologists, general TCM doctors, and anyone studying TCM.



1st edition: Chinamed Publishing, 31st of July 2018
A5 paperback book, 196 pages, ISBN: 978-3-00-060315-0
Copyright © 2018 by Sabine Schmitz



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