Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture practice in Cologne.

Sabine Schmitz TCM Therapeutin

Nǐ hǎo and welcome to my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice, based in the heart of Cologne! My name is Sabine Schmitz, and I have been practising TCM for nearly 20 years. I am also a natural health professional, and author of the best-selling TCM Dermatology handbook series on Psoriasis, Acne and Rosacea: the first handbook series dedicated specifically to skin diseases outside of China. In addition, I am the founder and CEO of CHINAMED COSMETICS, creating natural, modern skincare by harnessing the power of TCM herbs and wisdom.


In my practice, I specialise in skin diseases (TCM Dermatology), gynaecological disorders (TCM Gynecology), and infertility treatment.

Whatever the reason for your visit, you can trust that you will receive personalised treatment that is entirely tailored to your needs, with a respectful approach.


With over 30 years of combined experience of TCM and various areas of Western medicine, my treatment methods are holistic and entirely natural, whether it’s through Chinese herbs or acupuncture. Through TCM, with its manifold treatment modalities, I offer the perfect supplement – or alternative – to conventional medicine.


You can book an appointment with me either by contacting my practice on 0221-16916738 or by sending an email.



My practice focuses on Skin Diseases (TCM Dermatology), Gynecological Disorders (TCM Gynecology and TCM obstetrics) and Fertility Treatment. Because of these special interests I have done extensive studies and internships in China and Australia. I am recognised as one of the leading TCM experts in the field of TCM Dermatology and Chinese herbal medicine.



University studies with the key subject on TCM Dermatology in Hángzhōu, China. Education in Chinese Gynecology in Australia and China. Founder of CHINAMED COSMETICS – natural TCM skincare, made in Germany. Author of three TCM Dermatology handbooks and articles. “Alternative Medicine Specialist of the Year 2020/21” (West Germany).



My treatment in practice includes all treatment methods associated with Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). These include Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine but also Cupping, Moxibustion, Gua Sha and Chinese Nutritional Therapy. All these methods are described in detail under the menu item “treatment methods”.

My Practice in the Heart of Cologne


I’m pleased to invite you in my TCM practice in Cologne. Situated conveniently between Rudolfplatz and Zülpicher Platz, the practice offers accessibility and inviting atmosphere. The images and short video provide you an impression into my daily work, giving you an idea of what to expect during your visit. I’m excited to welcome you.

Books & Publications


TCM Dermatology Handbooks

Explore my best-selling handbook series on dermatological diseases and their treatment with Chinese herbal medicine. The first TCM Dermatology handbook series outside of China to be written by a Western Chinese medicine practitioner. The ultimate collection on treating dermatological diseases with Chinese herbal medicine!

Treating Acne and Rosacea with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Acne and Rosacea 

Treating Acne and Acne Rosacea with Chinese Herbal Medicine – published in January 2022. This easy to read and navigate fully illustrated TCM handbook covers causes and treatment options with Chinese herbal medicine of acne and rosacea, including the role of environment, diet, stress and emotional health; as well as providing advice on diet, lifestyle and skin care.

Treating Psoriasis with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Treatment of Psoriasis 

The is the first book by a ‘Western’ Chinese medicine practitioner that focuses solely on psoriasis. A modern and practical approach at the root cause of psoriasis from a Chinese medicine perspective. No other book presents colour pictures of the skin in such diversity on this topic. The 2nd edition of my book was published by Singing Dragon (London, UK) in July 2020.

Natural TCM Skincare Products

TCM Gesichtsserum

TCM Face Serum

Discover the new Hydrating Face Serum by CHINAMED COSMETICS. One of the pioneering facial serums rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It moisturizes the skin, leaving it radiant and vibrant. It rapidly absorbs into the skin without any sticky residue. Perfect for dry, sensitive and normal skin. Fragrance-free!
TCM Gesichtscreme

TCM Face Cream

Modern natural TCM skincare by CHINAMED COSMETICS designed for sensitive, dry, and normal skin types. Featuring a unique blend of Chinese herbal ingredients, traditionally esteemed within TCM for promoting healthy skin. Conceived under the expertise of Sabine Schmitz, and exclusively made in Germany.
TCM Augencreme

TCM Eye Cream 

Meet CHINAMED COSMETICS’ eye cream, especially developed for the sensitive eye area. Achieve profound hydration, smoothing, and soothing for even the driest and most sensitive under-eye skin using precious herbal extracts derived from Chinese Medicine. Elevate your skincare routine with the timeless care of TCM!

Courses: TCM Dermatology with Sabine Schmitz

Effective Treatment of Psoriasis with Chinese herbal medicine

Psoriasis Live Course 

This live course (in English) imparts to you the holistic approach of TCM in the treatment of Psoriasis with Chinese herbal medicine. You will learn how to diagnose psoriasis according to TCM syndrome differentiation by using examples of the most common TCM patterns seen in practice, this includes characteristics of the skin, accompanying symptoms, tongue, and pulse diagnosis, accompanied by images, corresponding herbal prescriptions and modifications. Enhance your knowledge about external applications such as pastes, washes, and ointments. Deepen your consulting skills concerning diet, lifestyle, skincare, and patient communication.

Effective Treatment of Acne with Chinese herbal medicine

Acne Live Course

In this live course (in English),  you’ll delve into the treatment of Acne with Chinese herbal medicine. Learn to interpret skin, tongue, and pulse acc. to the TCM point of view, and finely distinguish between various TCM syndromes. Practical examples featuring images of common patterns seen in TCM practice aim to deepen your knowledge, enabling you to create and modify your own TCM prescriptions in your practice. Practical expertise in external treatments, such as pastes, washes, and ointments enriches your TCM toolkit. Finally, expert insights on nutrition, lifestyle, and skincare bring it all together.
Rosacea Kurs

Rosacea Live Course 

During this live course (in English), you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how TCM can be effectively applied in treating Rosacea. You will develop the skills to accurately interpret the skin, tongue, and pulse, allowing you to identify the various TCM syndromes. Practical examples, supported by images of common TCM patterns observed in practice, will contribute to deepening your knowledge. This will empower you to write and adjust individual TCM prescriptions in your own practice. Additionally, you’ll gain practical expertise in external applications using Chinese herbs, complemented by tips on nutrition and lifestyle.
Dermatology Series

Psoriasis, Acne and Rosacea

Explore my TCM Dermatology series of live courses on Psoriasis, Acne, and Rosacea with Global Branches. These courses present an invaluable opportunity for you to enhance your expertise in the field of TCM Dermatology and treating difficult cases. Don’t miss out on the chance to broaden your knowledge in the treatment of complex skin conditions like Psoriasis, Acne, and Rosacea, while learning effective use of Chinese herbs. Enroll in all three courses now, and delve into my practical and easily comprehensible approach to Chinese herbal medicine. Join me and be part of all three courses!

Akkreditierter Videokurs über die Grundlagen in der Chinesischen Dermatologie.

TCM Dermatology 

Accredited video course in German on the Fundamentals of Chinese Dermatology. Explore skin health from Western and Chinese perspectives, learn diagnostic methods within the framework of TCM, and delve into the diverse possibilities of Chinese herbal medicine. This course covers the most common TCM syndromes and their corresponding effective TCM prescriptions. Additionally, topics such as emotions, nutrition, lifestyle, and environment will be illuminated to provide a comprehensive understanding. Numerous illustrative images complement the entirety.
Akkreditierter Videokurs über die Behandlung von Akne mit Chinesischer Kräutermedizin.

Acne treatment with TCM

Accredited video course in German on The Treatment of Acne with Chinese Herbal Medicine. The aim is to assist TCM practitioners in effectively treating patients with acne in their daily practice. You will learn: secure diagnosis of individual TCM syndromes in acne, independent development of basic TCM prescriptions, and their individual modification. Designed to be practical and easily comprehensible, I share my extensive knowledge, which you can immediately integrate into your daily TCM practice. Explore new approaches in acne treatment for sustained patient support.